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MCI Newsletter #1/19
  Welcome to 2019 – a year where digital transformation will play an ever growing part in the economy.

Thank you for being with us, and following the events at MCI.

With this edition of our Newsletter, we will try not only to bring you latest events of Q4’18, but also pick up the most important milestones of the last year.

Let’s start!

EUR 162 M EUR 162 M
exits value

portfolio assets
turnover ratio

USD 2.2 B USD 2.2 B
transaction value
- fintech unicorn iZettle
sold to PayPal

EUR 500 M EUR 500 M
plans for
new commitment
buyout fund

EUR 74 M (PLN 315 MLN)
Enterprise Value Closing
of the Dotpay/eCard sale

finalization of
the purchase
of shares of IAI


start of the exit
process of ABC Data
- ALSO being
the potential buyer

28th market

Azimo starts
operations in Poland,
as its 28th market

Pobierz grafikę, aby zobaczyć całą treść wiadomości MCI funds announced three large exits from the investments in 2018: Dotpay / eCard, iZettle and lifebrain, thanks to which they obtained a total of PLN 577.6 M (around EUR 135 M). In addition, two exits from the VC portfolio companies were reported: and Genomed.

The level of dividends paid out by portfolio companies was also record last year round. The Funds raised PLN 76.8 M from the dividends paid (generated by: ATM - PLN 51.8 M, ABC Data - PLN 17.5 M, and Index - PLN 7.5 M).

Exits and dividends in general amounted to nearly PLN 700 M (EUR 162 M).
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The value of the transaction placed the acquisition of iZettle by PayPal among the 10 largest exits of technology companies co-financed by VC/PE funds. The valuation of the company stood at USD 2.2 B. Our fund was one of the investors in the company since 2015, together with such global VC/PE brands as Index Ventures, Intel Capital, 83 North, Northzone or Creandum.

Video interview with Maciej Bogaczyk Coverage in Business Insider
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We are actively working on establishment of New Buyout/Private Equity Fund. The New Fund will consist of large institutional investors, in a major part with headquarters outside of Poland. The strategy of the New Fund will be based on investments in the CEE, in mature companies, with significant preference towards innovative fields of economy or ready to undergo a digital transformation.

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Nets, a market leader in the payments industry, completed the acquisition of leading Polish online payment service provider Dotpay/eCard. This was a very successful investment for MCI, generating 3.0x CoC and almost 40% IRR over a 3-year investment period.

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The balance of power on the Polish distribution market may change soon. Swiss potentate ALSO Holding aims mark its presence on the IT distribution market in Poland. Purchasing ABC Data makes it a step closer to achieving this goal. Read more →

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MCI closed the deal with IAI SA in December 2018 and now possesses 51% of shares of this Polish market leader, offering e-commerce and e-travel software in a SaaS model. Acquisition of IAI S.A. fits perfectly into the strategy of MCI.EuroVentures, a buyout fund focused on investments in mature enterprises in the area of the digital economy in CEE.

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Poles living abroad send home the equivalent of almost $7 billion a year, so it is not surprising Polish emigrants have been an attractive target for money transfer companies for a long time. Now customers based in Poland have possibility to send their money to 190 countries and territories around the world using various delivery methods, digital and at low costs.

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Substantial step for another MCI.TechVentures fund portfolio companies has been made recently - Morele and Pigu will be part of the newly formed holding company. Both companies are leaders in the e-commerce markets in their home countries - Morele in Poland in the electronics segment, Pigu in the Baltic countries. Holding has already raised PLN 56 million of financing for further development.

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Tomasz Czechowicz titled as one of the most influential drivers of Polish digital economy growth.

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