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MCI Newsletter #1/20
    New year, new plans and targets.

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We are happy to share with you the highlights of 2019, as well as draft some of the plans we have in mind for the upcoming quarters.
  EUR 162 M   73%  IRR
partial exit from Nertisk
and co-investment with
TA Associates
net debt-to-asset
lowest in history

20 years of MCI
Anniversary Gala
- 20 years of MCI

2.8x CoC
exit from Polish
e-grocery leader
  15 observations
15 observations you must know about PE for 2020 (external)
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It has become almost a tradition that the turn of a new year is the most active exit period for MCI. We have just recently completed three such transactions: in Poland, Netrisk in Hungary (partial exit) and Index in Turkey.

Together with other exits finalised in 2019, the total was EUR 210 million for our funds.


We have partially exited from Netrisk, with 73% IRR on cash consideration only to total acquisition coston the transaction and 3.0x CoC on cash consideration only to total acquisition cost. We currently own almost 24% of the shares, and will still play the role of an active investor in the company. Partnering with a global brand, such as TA Associates, is a great opportunity for the company to become a true regional digital leader thanks to a significant increase in the scale of operations.

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The Eurocash Group is to purchase shares in Frisco S.A., the leader of the Polish e-grocery market. Our funds record a total return of 2.8x CoC (cash-on-cash).

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In 2019 we also celebrated our anniversary
– for the past 20 years we have been active
in the digital investments market. But the best
is yet to come.

It’s hard to write down all the kind words
we received from your guests at the Gala,
so we will just direct you to the highlights video:

Gala video
20 years - promo video
20 interviews with top managers
on the digital economy
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In a number of tranches of bonds repaid in 2019, MCI Capital returned PLN 75.1 million to its bondholders.

We are currently working on the diversification of financing sources – our target structure in the context of financing MCI and the funds in which we are an investor would be one in which 50% of the debt comes from foreign investors and 50% from domestic investors, based on banking and bond products.

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ABC Data S.A., the first buy-out investment from the MCI.EuroVentures portfolio, was sold to one of the European IT distribution tycoons – ALSO Group. The managers of the fund delivered in excess of a two-times return on investment.

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Tomasz Czechowicz, for the second year running, was awarded by Digital Academy in the category of Investments with the title of Digital Shaper as part of the Digital Festival.

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The role of the private equity market is ever-growing, and has become an obvious fact to many. Still, we believe that the influence of PE on the macroeconomy can be even more significant. For growth in this area to be achieved, we need to educate and share market knowledge.

With this in mind, we have decided to share with you three different external materials that are worth reading and provide an insight into the PE sector from a broader perspective.

1. The world of private equity – 15 key observations


An Invest Europe report on private equity activity in Central and Eastern Europe


Private markets come of age: McKinsey Global Private Markets Review 2019

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